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How to Make Your Home Furnishings and Fall Décor Work Together

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Over the years, you’ve likely accumulated fall décor from gourds to Thanksgiving centerpieces, and a variety of home furnishings. And since you likely didn’t purchase your furniture and fall décor at the same time, every year presents a similar challenge. How can you marry your home furnishings and your fall accents while creating a cohesive look? It’s simpler than it seems, especially when you use the right pieces to pull your autumn aesthetic together. You might even find yourself changing some of the décor as the season progresses. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, you’re in the right place.

Mix, Match, and Contrast Tones with Your Home Furnishings

Before you get started, lay out all of your fall décor and group items by color. Once you know what you’re working with, you can envision where everything might look best. Mix in various tones to create an eclectic look or contrast colors to stun your guests. Here are a few ideas:

  • Position your bright orange and white glass pumpkins or similar décor on a dark coffee table.
  • Place your autumnal pillows and throw blankets on your sofas, loveseats, and sitting chairs. If the colors clash, consider ordering easy-to-wash, fabric covers for your home furnishings in a neutral tone. This will not only complete the look but also protect your pieces from any holiday-related damage.
  • Add seasonal tea-light holders to your TV stand, bookcase, or wall mantel to bring flickers of relaxing light into your space after the sun goes down. Or, consider a TV stand with a built-in electric fireplace to add ambiance year-round and warmth when you need it.
A natural wood colored wall mantel electric fireplace in a white and neutral room is the perfect addition to home furnishings.
Tealight candles anywhere in your home can help create a fall ambiance – especially near an electric fireplace.
  • Have odds and ends? Create a colorful centerpiece for the kitchen or dining room set with faux flowers and your favorite decorative basket. No matter the color of the table and chairs, they’ll shine with a pop of color and invite everyone to gather around for apple pie.

Highlight Natural Elements

One of the best (and easiest) ways to make your space feel like autumn is to keep bringing the outdoors in. You may already have your fair share of gourds, dried flowers, and faux leaves in your collection. To avoid having natural fibers that start to look tattered, swap out your sprigs from outdoors regularly. You can use this technique to transition as fall progresses – as we head towards Thanksgiving, this is a great opportunity to add in new flora. Sunflowers that were part of your décor early in the fall may be switched out for evergreens and pinecones to add to your final design.

Adding fall photos is another simple yet effective way to make your existing décor shine in autumn. Put photos of family memories like pumpkin patch visits, apple picking, and hayrides into the frames currently holding other family photos, or swap out that piece of art for your favorite fall landscape. Using the same frames will keep order, while changing the prints will help you savor every moment of the season.

Add Final Touches – from Accessories to Home Furnishings

Once all of your fall décor is incorporated and updated appropriately, it’s time to take a step back and analyze your space to see what’s missing. Adding the finishing touches could be as simple as including fall scents, from green apple incense to pumpkin spice wax melts, to enhancing mood lighting with amber light bulbs. Or, you may notice that you need a piece or two of home furnishings to tie everything together. Here are a few pieces that could do the trick:

Wine Cabinet

Organize your wine collection and add an extra surface to your living areas with a wine cabinet. There are many stylish options available, holding six to 12 bottles or even more, and there’s even space for wine glasses, coasters, corkscrews, and other supplies.

Sideboard or Buffet

Decorating may get you wondering if you could use a buffet or sideboard. If you find yourself needing extra space for plates, silverware, or side dishes for holiday dinners, this might be the right answer for you.

A white sideboard with a natural wood color top and accents against a wood paneled wall is a piece of home furnishings you'll be glad to have at the holidays.
A sideboard is the perfect spot to put out extra plates or side dishes – or to display your favorite décor.

Accent Furniture

If notice that one side of the room has more décor than the other, to balance it out, consider adding a small piece like an ottoman. It can be positioned proudly in front of a sitting chair, beside a console table or end table, or wherever it seems that you have an awkward, empty space. In fact, an end table with integrated USB charging (like the one below) can add style and function to any spot from the bedroom to the office to the living room.

A cream and wood tone end table with USB charging next to a natural colored wicker chair makes for a group of home furnishings you'll love
An end table with USB charging is welcome addition anywhere and a perfect spot for autumn décor.

Electric Fireplace

It’s the perfect time of year for a bonfire, but when the weather keeps you indoors, an electric fireplace from ClassicFlame® or a duraflame® electric stove heater is the next best option. Featuring dancing flames akin to a realistic fire, it also creates a supplemental zone heating strategy for your living spaces to make your home the coziest place to be. There are even TV stands with integrated electric fireplaces available for home furnishings that marry style and function.

A bronze colored duraflame electric stove heater in a room with a gray couch and a table with gourds and pumpkins.
A duraflame® electric stove heater keeps your family cozy in any room and works with fall décor.

Decorate for Fall like a Pro

With a little thought and creativity, you can create a cohesive, cozy atmosphere that progresses with the season. Want to stay up-to-date with the latest styling tips and tricks? Don’t forget to subscribe to the Twin Star Home email newsletter!