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Top Amazon Reviewed Electric Fireplaces and Heaters

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Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard by now just how beneficial electric fireplaces and heaters can be. Now, you’re on a mission to get your own. On the off chance that you haven’t heard, what you need to know is that an electric fireplace has all the perks of real flames and none of the hassle. There’s no chopping wood, no tedious cleaning, and no gas byproducts or smoky smells that get stuck in upholstery. Simply put, you get warmth and beauty without all of the mess. And the big bonus is that electric fireplaces are incredibly energy efficient. Instead of heating your entire home with an HVAC system, you can use an electric fireplace for zone heating and rid high costs from your electric bill. 

Ready to Shop for an Electric Fireplace?

With so many options on the market today, shopping for the perfect electric fireplace can seem overwhelming. How can you tell what are slick advertising claims and which products come with actual advantages? That’s why we’ve put together this list. Below you’ll find not what we think you should buy, but customer-backed best sellers. These electric fireplaces (and electric heaters) range from $130 to $589 in price and are all safe to be used in homes with children and pets. All of them also come with a remote and all can be used with or without heat. That way, you can be in control of enjoying your fireplace just the way you want. 

1. duraflame® Electric Heater with Realistic Ember Bed and Logs 

Which electric log set has the best reviews?


  • “Illuminates the room like a real fire” 
  • “Very efficient heat”
  • Well-made product with reputable name 
  • Easy to use 
  • Quiet heating fan 
  • Lowers gas bills during colder months 

This easy-to-use electric log set heater made by Duraflame can be placed in an existing wood-burning fireplace that may not work anymore. Outside of a non-working fireplace, it can also be used to simply avoid the mess of firewood. Besides having a name that means dependability to customers, reviews rave about how real these electric flames look. One layer of the flames comes from a projection that reflects off of whatever surface is behind the log set. They are adjustable on the unit, but some customers love that they can further adjust the flames by moving the log set closer to or farther away from the surface behind it. What’s more, faux-embers glow randomly for the look of a real wood-burning fire. Even if you have your flame effect turned off, customers say you’re bound to fool someone with just the logs themselves.  

Which electric log set heater is the best on Amazon?

It’s also important to note that the duraflame® log set is available in either an electric or infrared option. Depending on your home’s needs, either one is a good choice. The electric option will provide you with supplemental zone heating for up to 400 square feet. Infrared quartz will give you up to 1,000 square feet of supplemental heating while also helping to maintain the natural humidity in the area. That way, your better half isn’t staring into itchy dry eyes during cozy nights at home together.  

2. duraflame® Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame® Effect 

Which is the best electric stove heater on Amazon?


  • Realistic flames 
  • “Beyond reasonable price”  
  • Light and easy to move where you need it
  • Excellent safety features 
  • Powerful heating 
  • “Fan is quiet enough to leave on during your favorite TV shows without disturbance”

In this electric stove heater, Duraflame has combined traditional style with modern tech for beautiful and efficient warmth. Customers are wowed by patent pending 3D Flame® Effect technology that creates what they agree are incredibly realistic flames. With five adjustable color, brightness, and speed settings, you’re sure to find the perfect flame for every mood. Having that three-sided viewing won’t hurt the ambiance either! Reviewers are unanimous that being able to see flames from any seat in the room (and sometimes from multiple rooms!) is a huge bonus.

What is the best electric stove heater on Amazon?

Not only are the flames beautiful, but this entire heater holds up to high style standards. One customer says that it has a “true cozy cabin feel,” with its durable, metal casing available in black or bronze for a look that complements vintage style. Non-metal feet are easier on softer floors while an etched glass door stays true to classic design. This heater seems to be a fan favorite especially among consumers who live in older homes. Not just because of classic charm, but because older construction tends to have include cement sub-floors, older windows, and no carpeting. Basically, old houses can get ice-cold! However, reviewers love how efficiently this unit heats. This is because it is equipped with the infrared quartz technology mentioned earlier. 

Customers also love that this heater is cool to the touch, getting slightly warm where the heat comes out, but “not hot enough to burn small hands or furry friends.” Additionally, overheat protection keeps minds at ease by instantly shutting off the fireplace to prevent dangerous overheating

3. ClassicFlame® 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Insert with Safer Plug® and Safer Sensor™ 

Which electric fireplace insert has the best Amazon reviews?
Which contemporary electric fireplace insert is the best on Amazon?


  • Realistic, layered flame effect 
  • Powerful heating 
  • “Built sturdy and easy to install” 
  • “Multiple flame color options and speeds which is a great bonus” 
  • Heat sensing plug is a big plus 

Also equipped with 3D Flame® Effect technology and the efficiency of infrared quartz heating, reviewers love how seamlessly this ClassicFlame® electric fireplace insert blends good looks with great function. For a completely customizable fire experience, you can select from five flame speeds. Everything from a fast-roaring fire down to a gentle flickering flame is available. You can choose from another five adjustable brightness settings to get that powerful, radiant look during your holiday party or that low-lit ambiance that is perfect for a party of two. Better still, you can change your flames to one of five different colors for even more customization. Or have your fireplace automatically cycle through them all! In case all of that isn’t enough for you, it comes with a bed of crystals as well as a log set. Swap out the crystals for the log set if you want a more realistic wood-burning look.

Which electric fireplace insert is both traditional and contemporary?

Now that we’ve established it’s easy on the on eyes, it’s important to mention that the ClassicFlame insert also has some incredible safety features. Patent pending Safer Plug® and Safer Sensor™ fire prevention technology keep your fireplace a worry-free addition to your home. Safer Plug continuously monitors the temperature of the insert’s power plug and will turn off automatically if overheating occurs. Meanwhile, Safer Sensor will alert you when the heater is obstructed and instinctively shut off. This prevent actual fires from happening. That way, when it comes to getting the fire you want while keeping your home safe, you can have your fire and be safe, too.

4. ClassicFlame® Wall Mounted Infrared Quartz Fireplace 

Which wall mounted electric fireplace has the best reviews on Amazon?


  • “Easy to install” 
  • “Different settings on the lights, logs and flames are amazing” 
  • Sleek digital thermostat display 
  • Convenient electronic timer function 
  • Heats immediately with little-to-no warming up 
  • “Nice choices between logs or reflective glass pieces”  

Available as the gorgeous 36” Elysium and the larger-than-life 47” Felicity, both of these models can either be wall-mounted or stand by themselves with included display stands. Awful with a toolbox? Not to worry! Reviewers agree that set up and installation of these ClassicFlame® wall-mounted fireplaces is quick and super easy.  

Which wall mounted electric fireplace can be contemporary and traditional?

Customers are also loving the unique look of these when compared to other similar models. Included with each unit are interchangeable beds of fire glass, ivory river rocks, and rustic driftwood, so you can match your fireplace to your personal style and the design of your home. Going for country-chic or a bohemian look? Give the rustic driftwood a try. Pairing your fireplace with a more modern style? Place the transparent fire glass in with the brilliant flames to get some sleek character. 

No matter the style of your home, the decorative LED sidelights and uplights help to create the perfect mood for any occasion. Whether your fireplace is in the living room during your annual holiday get-together or you have it mounted in your bedroom for late-night reading ambiance, choose from the glow of five color options and feel perfectly at home.  

5. ClassicFlame® 36” Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert 

Which built in electric fireplace insert is the best on Amazon?
Which is the best contemporary electric fireplace insert on Amazon?


  • “Flame effects were as advertised – most realistic in industry” 
  • “Ridiculous value for the money” 
  • Beautiful and calming  
  • Straight forward installation with simple instructions 
  • “Incredible room heating capability” 
  • Always quiet 

With this ClassicFlame® insert, you have a lot of options for getting exactly what you want in a built-in fireplace. When buying online, your first choice is to decide between the contemporary unit or the traditional version of this model.  

Going traditional means you get a log set with a flickering, glowing ember bed that mimics burning wood for that more natural wood look. Beautiful flame effects are a given with this electric fireplace, but ClassicFlame also gives you two voltage options to make sure it’s just right for your home. The traditional unit can be purchased in either a 120 or a 240 volts option. Choosing between the two depends on your home’s square footage and electrical setup, and, of course, your budget. 

Which built in electric fireplace insert has the best reviews on Amazon?

The contemporary model only comes in the 120 volts option. However, “more, more, more” is the motto when it comes to looks for this fireplace. Buying the contemporary insert means you get a chic modern look with either of the two included flame beds. The flame beds are clear fire glass or ivory and translucent river rocks. The contemporary model also has LED uplights and downlights with different color options that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect flame. These are not present in the traditional unit, so you may want to go contemporary if you’re looking for some additional customization. 

Still Haven’t Found the Best Electric Fireplace for You? 

If you’re the type to do a lot of thorough research before jumping on a new purchase, we hope we’ve done all the hard work for you. But we also realize that there are a lot of different ways to get that warmth and innovation you’re looking for in any room. If you still haven’t found that perfect electric fireplace for your home, keep up with us for more updates on different types of fireplaces along with up and coming styles!